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About Us

LTL Compassion Center for Veteran L3c, offers various programs for the veterans of all affairs including:

a) Homeless Veteran Reintegration Offers Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program with mission to place homeless veterans in housing, jobs and assist them in retaining employment and referrals are being made to:
• Assist Veterans with VA Issues.
• Assist enrollees in locating supportive services in the community.
• Help veterans with health issues.
• Offer training service, job development and employment referrals.
• Provide training to eligible veterans to develop skills for specific employment.
• Coach, counsel and mentor veterans through the first 180 days on the job.
• Assist in transitional/permanent housing.

b) Investment Program: The mission is meet the workforce investment needs of veterans, to perform outreach, to encourage public information activities, to develop & promote employment and job training opportunities.

c) Homeless Providers Grant Per Diem Program: The mission of this program is to provide seamless delivery of services to homeless veterans that will lead to self-sufficiency. Helping veterans obtain affordable permanent housing, shelter, sober living environment, service enriched housing, or referrals to programs appropriate to achieving their housing needs. The purpose of this program is:
• Help veterans increase their skill levels and or income.
• To provide recovery services to veterans achieving and maintaining continuous sobriety.
• Help veterans obtain greater self-determination.
• Provide employment services to veterans throughout their stay.
• Assist veterans in establishing good budgeting practices.

d) Resource Center: At resource center we are providing:
• Best Practice for employment and individual with disabilities through classroom training.
• Informational Website with Follow up support.
• Technical Assistance and E Learning.

e) Veterans Educational Assistance Program: Providing services of Veterans Educational Assistance Program. Under this program following services are being offered:
• Work Study Program
• Training, Work Study, Counseling
• Employers with Federal Contracts

f) Mobility Management: The ability to utilize public transportation offer individuals with disabilities greater independence and access to employment, recreational, and cultural opportunities. Road to travel independence give the veterans the tools to teach others to use public transportation to their advantage.